Guangdong Overseas Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Guangdong Overseas Construction Supervision Co., Ltd.) was established in 1993. It has comprehensive engineering supervision qualifications, engineering cost consulting qualifications, civil air defence engineering supervision qualifications, construction project environmental supervision qualification certificates, full-process engineering consulting qualifications, the national foreign contracting project qualification, project bidding agency qualification and government procurement agency qualification.It also has the qualification and ability to undertake construction project management, project supervision and third-party inspections.

Our company is a national high-tech and technology-based enterprise, which has long been committed to scientific research in the fields of engineering management consulting. At present, it has obtained more than 40 invention patents, utility model patents and computer software copyright registration certificates in the engineering supervision industry and participated in the compilation of many national and industry regulations.

Our company is a member unit of China Construction Supervision Association, an executive director unit of Guangdong Construction Supervision Association, and a vice-chairman unit of Guangzhou Construction Supervision Association. It has been rated as an advanced project supervision enterprise for many timesby China Construction Supervision Association, Guangdong Construction Supervision Association,and Guangzhou Construction Supervision Association.

The company has more than 960 professional and technical personnel with complete professional technical support. There are more than 200 people have senior title and nearly 400 people have intermediate title.There arealso more than 200 national registered supervision engineers, registered cost engineers, registered A level constructors, registered safety engineers, registered consulting (investment) engineers, tenderers, registered A level structural engineers,registered A level architects, British Royal Chartered Constructors, and Hong Kong surveyors. Moreover, the company is equipped with a variety of engineering surveying and testing equipment.

The types of projects that we provide services include aerospace engineering, large public buildings, super high-rise buildings, urban complexes, residential buildings, school buildings, hospital buildings, star hotel buildings, cultural and sports buildings, large steel structure projects, prefabricated buildings, and municipal roads and bridges, integrated pipeline corridors, sponge cities, landscape ecological engineering, power engineering, water conservancy engineering, and communication engineering to name but a few.It has also undertaken foreign aid project supervision tasks in nearly 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. More than one hundred projects supervised by the company have wonvarious awards such as China Construction Engineering LubanPrize,Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, National Construction Engineering Decoration Award, AAA Class Safety and Civilization Standard Construction site and Goldsmith Award, Provincial and Municipal Construction Engineering Quality Award, Provincial and Municipal Housing and Municipal Engineering Award for the safe and civilized construction demonstration site. The representative projects include the project supervisionof Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and GTC Transportation Center,the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport China Southern Airlines GAMECO Aircraft Maintenance Facility Phase III No. 18 Maintenance Hangar Project, the Guangdong Energy Industry Chain Project, the Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Project, the Foshan Chencun General Chamber of Commerce Building Project, the Jianxin Homeland Collective Rental Housing (Phase I) Prefabricated Project,the full-process consultationofthe Yingzhou Seaway (Urban Section)Black-odor Water Comprehensive Renovation Project, the LunjiaoWengyouMiddle School Expansion Project, and the Jinzhu Avenue(Zengcheng District)Reconstruction Project,the Shenzhen International Biological ValleyHuanba RoadMunicipal Project, as well as some national foreign aid projects, for example, the Huizhou CityAid Samoa Friendship Parkand Cultural and Art Center Project.

Our company has passedthe certification of the system of quality environment, occupational health and safety, and information security management and obtained the certificate ofthe intellectual property management system.It has been rated as an ‘Enterprise with Credit’ for 19 consecutive years andhas been known as a taxpayer with A-level tax credit by the Tax Bureau for many consecutive years.

While expanding and strengthening the domestic supervision market, the company seizes the opportunity of "One Belt One Road", thereby actively participating in the supervision of national foreign aid projects and strives to develop international engineering consulting business.Our company has a group of senior experts in the field of construction at home and abroad as well as many professionals in technology, economy, management and so on. The company implements theservice tenet of ‘integrity, customer first, high-level supervision, and high-intelligence consulting’, and actively explore and apply information technology such as BIM technology and big data to improve the quality and the service level of consulting services and faithfully provide customers with full-process and all-around consulting services, thereby achieving good economic and social benefits.